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Communication Disorders
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I am Chanakya, from Visakhapatnam. I used to have feminish voice. I used to have low confidence because of that. Then I came to Sanjay sir clinic for voice treatment on 15th October 2022. After 8 days of treatment, my pitch is very much reduced and now my voice is masculine. Previously, I watched many videos of Sanjay sir on YouTube and came here with lots of hope and after completing 8 days, I am going out with lots of confidence. I would recommend to anyone with voice problem to Sanjay sir.
Wednesday, February 15 2023 - 05:19 AM
Hiii my name is dhanush I am taking speech therapy from 8 days my experience was good with my group and friends now my voice is good and my communication skills are still better and I met new friends people who have voice problem I will recommend u to come here.
Wednesday, February 15 2023 - 05:13 AM
My name is veeranarayana.I came from Andhra Pradesh.i use stammering from my childhood days.then now I came to the Bangalore and join the sanjay speach hearing and rehabilitation centre.The total training period of 8 days . These days are everyday training for speach therapy classes conducted to me now iam overcome my stammering during 8 days .So Happy for the service and the doctor who is take care of me good and also Dhanalakshmi medam who is care of good manner
Wednesday, February 15 2023 - 04:38 AM
Hello , I am Taman .I am from punjab . I came from amritsar city
I had suffered from high pitch voice problem .I was not able to speak properly in front of peoples .Then, I did research for this problem on youtube channel lot of videos of Dr sanjay kumar in front of me. I started playing and I was very shocked and impressed so i decided to visit Dr sanjay speech hearing and rehabilitation center in banglore (hebbal) for treatment . During my treatment was going on i was very depressed my voice was change after 8 days or not but dr sanjay kumar confidence gave me new motivation every day . he said me after 8 days you completely shocked . After speech therapy treatment was done .I was shocked because i was calling to dad from unknown number and he did not recognize me .i was completely shocked .
My advice was that if you any person was suffering from high pitch voice problem , Phonatory gap, Puberphonia, so pls consult dr sanjay kumar .he was good experienced and well friendly or master in this problem .He was a magician.
Wednesday, February 15 2023 - 04:35 AM
Amit Ghosh Moulick
Hello, I am Amit Ghosh Moulick and my age is 31. I am from Kolkata West Bengal. I came to Sanjay sir for high pitch voice problem on 7th October 2022. I was suffered high pitch voice issue since from my puberty. For this problem I have suffered in many places, like on phone unknown people are not recognise me as a male person and my voice is not reached to sitting in front of me. Today date is 14th October 2022 my high pitch voice problem is resolved in only 8 days by voice therapy. Sanjay sir is so experienced doctor. If you are or any one suffering from high pitch voice issue please come to the Bangalore centre. Now I am more confident to speak in public.
Friday, December 23 2022 - 05:53 AM
Aditya Dhara
I am Aditya Dhara,I am from WB,I am an MBBS student of AIIMS PATNA,i came to Dr.Sanjay sir(Sanjay speech hearing and rehabilitation centre) for the treatment of high pitched voice problem,,&after the treatment of 8 days,my voice has turned to be low pitched & now i can speak with a good confidence.
Monday, November 28 2022 - 05:02 AM
I am Yousef I’m from Iran I come for dr sr Sanjey treatment for high pitched voice problem
And after the treatment of 8 days my pitch of voice get lowered and now I can speak with a good confidence
Monday, November 28 2022 - 04:59 AM
Aman Gupta
I had this pitch voice problem..
So I did research about this problem... that's how I came to know about Sanjay Sir , through his YouTube videos , and that's when I decided to come to him...
On the 1st day he evaluated my problem , and told me that you r going to see a miracle in 8 days. I wasn't sure. But once i went for the treatment , day by day i was able to see changes in my voice , and after the treatment was completed , the statement came true.
My voice was drastically changed.
None of my friend were ready to believe that it's my voice .
So a big big THANK U to Sanjay Sir , for changing my voice and eventually my life...
I will recommend everyone to come here for the treatment without having any doubt , atleast give it a try for once , and u will not regret it , i can assure...👍🏻
Sunday, November 27 2022 - 07:02 AM
Abhishek kumar
My name is Abhishek kumar I'm 21 years old I came in jharkhand, I'm suffering from from high pitch voice before 5-6 years, this period my confidence was very low.
I'm came toh sanjay speech hearing and rehabilitaion center, benglore my voice was completly changed like male after therapy

I can't foreget the poet's gratitude to sir, sir gave me new life n journey, so thanku.. Sir for giving new life. Got a learn a lot from you, which will be very useful in my life

So thank a lot again love u sir❣️
Friday, October 21 2022 - 06:04 AM
Revanth Reddy
Hi ,
I Am Revanth Reddy
I came to Sanjay sir for high pitch voice and it is cured in 8 days . I am feeling so much happy after receiving treatment from Sanjay sir . Now i am getting low pitch voice completely.
Friday, October 21 2022 - 06:02 AM


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