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Communication Disorders
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Abhijeet Jha
This one is the best therapy center. Earlier I had voice problem or high pitch voice problem but after the therapy now I am feeling good.
Sanjay sir is the perfect therapist, very kind, supportive , I had regular online therapy sessions with him.
If someone is having any voice problem , visit or consult at least once to Sanjay sir .
Thursday, June 24 2021 - 12:28 AM
This is Santosh from Hyderabad, I was facing the problem with feminized voice since 15 yrs. Visited many ENT's but no proper treatment was given and problem still ON.

One day I was just browsing the word "Puberphonia" which is related to my voice problem, then I got to know about Sanjay sir videos (Pre and Post therapy) build some confidence on me. Then I decided to take a shot and called to Sir's clinic and started my therapy sessions from 22nd May 2021. In just span of one week, my voice was totally changed to male voice (Low Pitch).

Sanjay sir is an excellent therapist, very kind, supportive and very understanding. I had regular live phone sessions with him.

Sanjay Sir helped me navigate obstacles that had previously felt hopeless, and I'm happier as a result. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend "SLP Sanjay Kumar".
Tuesday, June 15 2021 - 12:20 AM
I am Krishna, 28yrs old. I was having the issue of high pitch voice since puberty. After taking the online therapy from SLP Sanjay Kumar Sir my voice has changed dramatically within 8 days. Now I am able to speak in a low pitch voice very comfortably.

Highly recommended for anyone facing problems with high pitch voice.
Saturday, June 12 2021 - 08:38 AM
Manas Bhoi
I have a problem of high pitch prblm from 2 year. Sanjay sir treated the problem in 8 day. Sanjay sir one man like god
Wednesday, June 02 2021 - 01:47 AM
Nehchal Singh
I am Dr Nehchal Singh , i had a problem of high pitch voice since my puberty but after contacting Dr Sanjay kumar sir its perfect now . I would really recommend the viewers to meet sir online or if possible offline if you have voice issues . He is amazing doctor with soothing connect with patients.
Wednesday, June 02 2021 - 12:58 AM
Nihal Srivastav
I was suffering from high pitch voice.I took online voice therapy by sir slp sanjay kumar . This is a very effective treatment in this disorder.I am feeling confident now.
Wednesday, June 02 2021 - 12:51 AM
Best doctor for any speech related problem
Friday, April 16 2021 - 07:47 AM
Nikhil Kumar
I am from Uttarakhand and i was suffering from high pitch voice and I took online voice therapy from Dr. slp sanjay kumar. This is a very effective treatment in this disorder and my voice has completely changed and now i am feeling very happy and confident with my new voice. I will suggest other people who are suffering from voice problem, they can contact Dr. Slp sanjay kumar.
Thursday, April 01 2021 - 07:31 AM
I have taken therapy with Sanjay sir
I get well
Wednesday, March 31 2021 - 02:38 AM
It was really helpful for me I am really pleased with their services and treatment I am so thankful for them
Monday, March 22 2021 - 06:40 AM


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