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Communication Disorders
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Ghanshyam kumar
I'm Ghanshyam kumar from Champaran in Bihar, I came here for speech therapy on 9th June 2022. And now I'm feeling better, I can speak loudly. So thanx doctor just because You provide me a better treatment..
Tuesday, September 06 2022 - 09:06 AM
Shahnoor Alam
Hello my name is SHAHNOOR Alam
I have a problem of high pitch & low voice

I came to bengalore to cure my voice

After 8 days of treatment I feel much better .
Wednesday, July 13 2022 - 04:39 AM
Hi this is sajeed I came from Andra I had a problem of pitch so I came to Bangalore for therapy. I took therapy for 9 days and am feeling very confident now.
Wednesday, July 13 2022 - 03:23 AM
Babu Rao
I had Puberphonia problem since my puberty.
While speaking on mobile most people (delivery boys and cab drivers and those who don't know me).
I have been following Sanjay sir in YouTube since 2017, so I came to Sir clinic for treatment. I took 8days treatment, my voice has completely changed. Now I am feeling so happy and confident.
Taking therapy from SLP Sanjay Kumar clinic is a good experience. Doctor is very friendly and explain everything in detail. Receptionist is also very kind and give answer for every question patiently.
Thursday, July 07 2022 - 04:46 AM
Rasheed Mohammed
My name is Rasheed Mohammed, from Hyderabad.
i had came to dr Sanjay Kumar slp for the treatment of femenine, High pitch & breathy voice. on 1st june 2022. with the source of YouTube. After my 8 days treatment with a speech therapy. I have really a drastic change in my voice. complete Low pitch manly voice.
My experience is really amazing with Sanjay sir.
After trying so many other sources like ENTs. i got zero results. finally i have cured my lifelong problem in 8days. feeling so confident and happy. really hands down 🙌for the treatment 😊.
I strongly recommend everyone who has a voice dis orders. This is the place you gotta get a life-changing treatment. Thank you 😊
Thursday, July 07 2022 - 03:49 AM
Jayanti LAl
मेरा नाम जयंतीलाल
मैं सिरोही राजस्थान से हूँ।
मैं 1 जून 2022 को संजय सर के पास क्लिनिक में आया था।
मेरी आवाज बहुत पतली और दबी हुई थी जिस कारण से मै लोग मुझे फोन पर मैडम कहकर भी बात करते थे।
और लोगो से ज्यादा बात नही कर पाता था
संजय सर के निर्देशन में मेरी speech therapy हुई और मेरी आवाज भारी हो गयी और मैं विश्वास के साथ बात करने लग गया ।
सर का सहयोग बहुत अच्छा और प्रेरणादायक है
आपके इस सहयोग के लिए धन्यवाद
आप जादूगर है सर
जयंती लाल
Thursday, July 07 2022 - 02:43 AM
Muhammad Arham
We met doctor Sanjay 4 year ago for my niece hearing problem doctor pleasantly understand the situational problem and provided hearing machine based on her problem which is currently working good now she is leading her family life with positive motive and happily.

It's all because of doctor Sanjay sir.. we are grateful to you sir...
Tuesday, July 05 2022 - 02:07 AM
My name is JAIPAL SHARMA. I am from Ladnun, Rajasthan. I had vocal cord palsy . I consulted many ENTs, they recommended speech therapy. I also took speech therapy in my hometown. But not worked well. Then I contact to Banglore to SLP Sanjay Kumar for therapy and my voice become very good and now I am completely cured. I am very thankful to SLP Sanjay sir, because of him I got normal voice and normal life. Thankyou.
Monday, July 04 2022 - 08:29 AM
Amrit De
My name is Amrit De . I am from West Bengal . I was having issues of high pitch voice and Soft voice problem since last 9 year . I have lots of problems while speaking and my confidence was very Low . I was facing lots of difficulties in my life . After watching Dr Sanjay Kumar on YouTube , I came here for treatment . Now after treatment my Voice is completely changed within 6 day . It was a very good experience here .l'm very satisfied with the results that l have recieved here . You changed My life . Thank you Sanjay Sir .
Monday, July 04 2022 - 06:00 AM
Ankush Kumar
Name Ankush Kumar
Place Khagaria Bihar
Age 18 years
Problem :-High pitch voice and congested arytenoids
Result:-after therapy male like voice has developed.
Pitch of voice was initially higher but it has reduced now.
Monday, July 04 2022 - 03:23 AM


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