Communication Disorders

I am providing services for the assessment, treatment/rehabilitation of all types of communication disorders (Speech Disorders, Language Disorders, Voice Disorders, Hearing disorders)

A) Therapeutic:

Speech Language Disorders

  • Delayed speech and language in children (Associated with Autism, specific language impairment, mental retardation, childhood aphasia, hearing impairment, Cleft lip and Palate)
  • Cochlear Implant, Auditory Verbal Therapy for Hearing Impaired
  • Learning disability
  • Fluency Disorders of speech (Stuttering/Stammering, Cluttering)
  • Misarticulation/ Mispronunciations/Unclear Speech
  • Speech and language disorders followed by stroke, traumatic brain injury, Nerve injury etc (Aphasia, Dysarthria)
  • Planning disorders of speech (Apraxia)

Voice Disorders

  • Female like voice of male (Puberphonia, a very easily treatable voice disorder many people don't know)
  • Soft voice
  • Sudden complete loss of voice (Functional aphonia)
  • Functional dysphonia
  • Spasmodic dysphonia treatment by voice therapy only without any medicine (only very few people of the world’s are doing this)
  • Hoarse voice, harsh voice, breathy voice (Dysphonia)
  • Hypernasal Voice
  • Hyponasal Voice
  • Dysphonia due to vocal fold paralysis
  • Dysphonia due to vocal nodule
  • Vocal Polyp, vocal nodule, laryngeal cancer Pre and post operative rehabilitation
  • Laryngectomee rehabilitation
    • Teaching speech by electrolarynx
    • Esophageal speech
  • Professional Voice care (for Actors, Singers, Teachers, Political Leaders and Corporate leaders, Call center executives)
  • Training for Vocal Hygiene techniques,
  • Voice projection
  • Vocal warm up exercises
  • Corporate Speech language Pathology services

Hearing Disorders

  • Hearing aid Consultation
  • Auditory Training
  • Auditory verbal Therapy (AVT)

B) Diagnostic services:

Following are the diagnostic Test available

A. For language disorders:

  • Receptive Expressive Emergent Language Scale (REELS)
  • Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (M-chat)
  • Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS)
  • Extended REELS
  • Development Screening Test
  • 3-D Language Acquisition Test
  • Phonological Awareness Test for Learning disability
  • Western Aphasia Battery (WAB) for Neurological Patient
  • Bilingual Aphasia Test (BAT)
  • Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination (BDAE)
  • Early Reading Skill (ERS) Test for Learning Disability
  • Linguistic Profile Test

B. For Speech Disorders:

  • Stuttering Severity Instrument
  • Photo Articulation Test
  • Apraxia Battery for Adults (ABA)
  • The Fletcher Time- by- Count Test of Diadochokinetic Syllable Rate

C. For Voice disorder:

1. Computerized Voice Evaluation using latest equipment/software

  • Measuring Voice parameters like:
  • Median pitch
  • Mean pitch
  • Standard deviation
  • Minimum pitch
  • Maximum pitch
  • Fraction of locally unvoiced frames
  • Number of voice breaks
  • Degree of voice breaks
  • Jitter
  • Shimmer
  • Harmonicity of the voiced parts only
  • Mean autocorrelation
  • Mean noise-to-harmonics ratio
  • Mean harmonics-to-noise ratio
  • Intensity
  • Formants

2. Buffalo III Voice Abuse profile


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