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Communication Disorders
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Pardheev Krishna
Hello everyone, I was suffering from the problem of High pitch voice from the last 4 years because of that problem I was very low on my confidence and while taking on phone it was very bad...after watching Sanjay sir videos i decided to came to his center.but now it completely changed into male voice... I am very happy for my new voice
Friday, June 02 2023 - 08:04 AM
Thank you for the therapy provided to me, i had this shrill voice problem, and now I feel confident and my voice is strong and audible.
Thursday, May 25 2023 - 02:39 AM
Subhankar Samanta
Name: subhankar samanta
City: haldia,West Bengal
Age- 29
I had high pitch voice problem, I'm feeling better now with new voice.
Saturday, April 29 2023 - 02:45 AM
Naveen kumar
Name - Naveen kumar
Age - 29
From - Rajasthan
Problem - voice problem, Glotik chik, & phonetry gap
After treatment _ I feel batter
Saturday, April 29 2023 - 02:42 AM
Gourav Kumar
Before therapy:-
I was having high pich issue and mostly facing female voice tone.

After therapy:- the voice has changed and a base can be hered in the voice.

I felt really good after the treatment and it is amazing to get better without the operation.
Kudos to the Team.
Wednesday, April 19 2023 - 03:53 AM
Shubhrajsinh Gohil
Hello everyone myself shubhrajsinh gohil . My age was 16 . I was having a high pitch problem from last 1 year.
I came to know about Sanjay sir voice therapy through YouTube and after taking therapy for 8 days . There is a drastic change in my voice and I am able to speak loudly and i am feeling very confident after therapy. So if anyone is having same problem u can come here and take therapy. Surely u will get a good result.
Monday, April 10 2023 - 09:17 AM
Rohan Pal
My name is rohan pal. I am from Delhi.I had a problem of high pitch voice and phonatory gap. So i went to banglore for speech therapy and Now i can see changes in my voice. It became better than before.
So, If anyone has these problem. Please visit to Sanjay sir's speech therapy centre and contact SLP sanjay sir.
Monday, April 10 2023 - 08:19 AM
I had phonatry gap and high peach voice.
After voice therapy from SLP Sanjay Kumar I saw very positive changes in me .
Thank you
Monday, April 10 2023 - 06:27 AM
Shivam Kumar
Hi, I am Shivam Kumar from Bhagalpur Bihar I was suffering from high pitch voice since puberty. After watching many videos on YouTube, I consulted Dr. Sanjay Sir and came on his center. After having completed my 8 days voice therapy I got drastic change in my voice. So I highly recommend anyone having same kinds of problem please consult Dr. Sanjay Sir. Thanks
Monday, April 10 2023 - 05:43 AM
Nikesh Satyaraj
Hi .I m Nikesh Satyaraj from Haryana .I had high pitch voice problem..and I m came to slp Sanjay Kumar sir for therapy..after 8 day therapy I had positive changes …
Wednesday, March 29 2023 - 06:56 AM


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