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Communication Disorders
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Sujay Sanjay More
I was having High pitch voice problem which basically can also be stated as feminine voice but after attending the voice therapy for 8 days from Sanjay speech center my voice is completely changed. Now it has became masculine and have great depth with low pitch.I will recommend you to please visit here if you are facing the same issue.
Friday, January 05 2024 - 06:14 AM
I came to slp Sanjay Kumar sir's clinic for treating my voice disorder which is a soft voice. After completing 8 days of therapy sessions i feel a drastic change in my voice. Now i can speak fluently in my original voice. This has given me the opportunity to explore my real voice. Thank you so much Sanjay sir for all the care and support throughout the treatment. I feel very confident after therapy. I recommend visiting the clinic if you're having any voice disorders, the clinic provides services like voice therapy, speech therapy and so on. This therapy really helped me to recover and I'm thankful to Dhanalakshmi mam also for all the assistance and continuous support provided.
Saturday, December 16 2023 - 05:32 AM
Pavan Kumar
Hi, I am Pavan Kumar from Hyderabad, came to SLP Sanjay Speech and Hearing Therapy - a rehabilitation centre. I am having Addictive Spasmodic Dysphonia and my voice was unclear and after coming here I feel better voice with clarity in speech.

Thanks for the treatment from Sanjay sir and support for the team.
Saturday, December 16 2023 - 05:28 AM
Basheer Ahmed
Hello mera name bashir he me indore Madhya Pradesh se ata hu pahle mujhe high pich voice ka problem tha uske bad SLP Sanjay kumar sir ke pas aaya aur mene 8 days voice therapy liya he aur meri awaz sahi ho gya thank you to sanjay sir for help
Saturday, December 16 2023 - 04:46 AM
I was facing the issues with my voice so i came to the center. And earliar my voice was soft and high pitch. But after 8 days of treatment now my voice is totally change and a great changes happen.I thank Sanjay Sir for the marvellous treatment.And Dhanlakshami Mam for addressing in a good manner.I wish all the best to the teams.
Saturday, December 16 2023 - 04:00 AM
Shivam Chugh
I was having high pitch voice problem.And it sounds low. I came to the center and gone through a speech therapy and after 8 days. I found great changes in My Voice and I can feel a significant changes in My Voice Now. Thank u so much Sanjay Sir and Dhanlakshami Mam for curing my voice problem.I wish all the best to team.
Saturday, December 16 2023 - 03:41 AM
Apratim Das
I ,Apratim Das from Guwahati,Assam, presently working as a Bank Manager in a reputed Public Sector Bank in Assam came to Sanjay Speech Hearing and Rehabilitation Centre, Bengaluru for my High Speech voice problem which I was facing from last 23 years. I came to the Sanjay Sir's centre on 03/11/23 and my first day of therapy began.I had a normal conversation sessions with Sir and thereafter hearing my voice; Sir assured me that on the 8th Day someting "Chamatkar" (miracle) is going to happen with me. I followed each and every instructions which the Sir had asked me to follow during the entire therapy sessions and at the end of the 8th day not only Chamatkar happed with me but "A Big Diwali Maha Dhamaka" happened with me. My voice got totally transformed and now I am sounding like a matured deep voice man. Thank you Sir from the core of my heart for transforming my voice and my life as a whole.
Saturday, December 16 2023 - 02:40 AM
Rishabh kumar
Hello my name is Rishabh kumar. I am from gurgaon. I have high pitch issue since puberty. Due to this issue i was facing lots of problems like on call unknown calling me as a ma'am and anyone say ki why you have a patli awaz.So I came here (Banglore) for treatment. The treatment program was of 8 days. After the treatment i got a new voice i.e male type voice. In this program you need a patience. Dr. Sanjay helps me alot. I am thankful to Dr. Sanjay. if you have high pitch issue or other voice issues then you can consult with Dr. Sanjay, he will give you a good path.
Friday, December 15 2023 - 08:22 AM
Akarshan Mani
Hi guy's,
My name is Akarshan Mani. I'm from New Delhi. I'm suffering from puberphonia/high pitch voice from last 10 years and due to this problem I lost all my confidence in my life. So, I recently took the treatment from Sanjay sir in his clinic ( Sanjay Speech Hearing and Rehabilitation centre, Bangalore) and he helped me alot to cure this problem. After 8 days of voice therapy I'm surprised. My voice is totally cured now and I gained back my confidence now. So I'm very thankful to him and I like to recommend other paitents also who all are suffering from any kind of hearing and voice problem should visit his centre and take the therapys from him. 😀
Friday, December 15 2023 - 08:14 AM
Sudhir Patil
Name - sudhir patil
Age -26
Address - Mumbai ,Thane Maharashtra

Mera aavaj patla or ladkiya jaisa aata tha

Mai Dr Sanjay Kumar speech Bangalore mai aaya or Mera aavaj 5 din me sahi ho gaya
Abhi Mera aavaj motha aane laga hai
Friday, December 15 2023 - 08:05 AM


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