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Communication Disorders
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Avay kushwaha
E-Mail Address:
Hello! My name is Avay kushwaha. I am from Nepal. I had a problem of puberphonia with phonatory gap. I had this problem since 5 years. So the phonatory gap is a rear case. I couldnt speak louder. I had a soft voice. I used to have lots of problem during communication. So i came to Dr Sanjay Kumar and attended therapy for 8 days. After my therapy i talked to my friends family and they said, "Wow Avay you sound different ,your voice has changed, Its so good now!" I am happy that my voice is so much developed than before. I can speak louder. I can speak in my deep voice. I am glad that i came here for my treatment.
Friday, September 27 2019 - 01:37 AM
Satyam Yadav
I am from nit Raipur,and l have come for therapy for stummering and l fill more comfortable than before.There is no any treatment of stummering in this world except slp Sanjay Kumar.
Friday, September 27 2019 - 01:33 AM
My Name is Rupa. My voice was sounding like child. So, I came for treatment. After the treatment, I can see some improvement.
Monday, August 19 2019 - 01:31 AM
Sudhir Kumar
My name is sudhir kumar hailed from Haryana and I am 31 year old ...I was facing phonatory gap problem so came Banguluru for treatment after 8 days therapy Gap is still unchanged but the voice quality has a little improved ...overall good experience .
Monday, August 12 2019 - 01:51 AM
I am Dr. Deepali Dhawan,25 years putting up in New Delhi.
I came to know about Dr. Sanjay through YouTube
I was suffering from functional aphonia from last 5 months .
I didn't not speak any word since 5 months.
whenever I tried speaking
only the air came out
but not the voice.
I tried different speech therapist earlier back in the city.
but did not get satisfactory result .
but when I came here and started the treatment
initially my voice was getting break and it was hard for me to speak
but with the continuous speech therapy and Dr. Sanjay's consistent efforts towards my ailment .
I have got my voice back .
now I am speaking with my previous loudness and pitch and without any difference in my voice.
so glad that I found him on YouTube and he understood my ailment in one go with his assessment and started the treatment immediately.
Tuesday, July 23 2019 - 03:57 AM
Aditya Mittal
E-Mail Address:
I am Aditya Mittal. I came from Katni.(Madhya Pradesh) I came for a voice therapy sessions to Dr. SLP Sanjay Kumar. I had a problem of loudness in voice.
I am very happy with the therapy sessions. Only in 8 day therapy sessions my voice is totally changed.
I would recommend everyone who had any problem with voice you should once consult him .
Tuesday, July 23 2019 - 02:44 AM
E-Mail Address:
Hi m manohar I'm from bangalore I had puberfonia and I got treatment for 8 days now I m feeling very happy and voice changed now . The doctor is Very friendly
Tuesday, July 23 2019 - 01:37 AM
Mera nasir hai may gadwal say ayno hoo mera problem left side vocal peralasysis hovatha mashall a Mera problem teeq hova
Monday, July 22 2019 - 09:02 AM
E-Mail Address:
Hi hello, My self Vardhan.I am from kadapa. Iam suffering from puberphonia since My puberty.it is high pitch voice and low voice. So I here about SLP Sanjay Kumar on YouTube and came to Bangalore for treatment. Iam happy that my voice has good improvement. So any one suffering from puberphonia please consult him as it was cured within week.
Monday, July 22 2019 - 03:22 AM
E-Mail Address:
My name is Uday I am from Andhra, I came here for puberphonia treatment.doctor is very friendly and explain the problem very clear and told how he is going to treat . I am satisfied with the doctor treatment he has a nice experience and he is expert in this voice problems. I recommend the doctor
Saturday, July 20 2019 - 07:17 AM


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