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Communication Disorders
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I think Sanjay sir is the best in voice therapy treatment. and after 8 days i feel some difference in my voice.
Tuesday, May 03 2022 - 08:26 AM
Armaan Sahil
Firstly I want to thank Dr. Sanjay and his team

Myself Armaan Sahil from Jharkhand
Basically, I had a voice related disorder generally known as Puberphonia

In this,a person suffers from a high pitch voice,rather say, feminine voice or childish Voice
So, I was also suffering from this disorder (since)my puberty

But after approaching to Mr. Sanjay Sir's Clinic
My problem got completely solved through Speech Therapy Based Treatment
The first session was on 14th February 2021 and it lasted till 13th March 2021
In this period, the therapy got completely and the results are so overwhelming
And the therapy provided was ONLINE

Anyone, who's suffering from any Voice related disorder,should contact this clinic
Tuesday, May 03 2022 - 08:19 AM
My Name is Pratik I came here on 9th March my voice was so hoarse and high oitch after 7th day it gets so much clear and voice is improved
Tuesday, April 26 2022 - 05:56 AM
Shantanu Kumar
Name- shantnu kumar
Problem- stammering
From Bihar, age- 22
Stammering ki problem se kisi ke sath interaction krne me dikat ho rhi thi, but ab treatment ke baad aacha fell kr rha hu
Tuesday, April 26 2022 - 04:03 AM
Tharun kumar
My name is N.Tharun kumar Iam from Telangana I was suffering from high pitch voice. After 8days of treatment from Slp sanjay sir now my voice turned into normal like others I am very happy now.
Tuesday, April 26 2022 - 04:01 AM
Sukunesh Kumar
My name is Sukunesh kumar Iam from mumbai I was suffering from femal type voice. After 8days of treatment from Slp sanjay sir now my voice turned into normal like manley I am very happy now.
Saturday, April 23 2022 - 05:23 AM
Hello I am Ankur
I am form Haryana.I was suffering form high pitch voice problem. Now after treatment my problem is short out. Before treatment my voice like female voice but now my voice is like a male. I am very happy after the treatment.
Saturday, April 23 2022 - 05:20 AM
I am HARSHPREET KAUR..I have came from Jamshedpur..I had problem of sulcus in one vocal code and edima in another vocal code...and also phonetary gap..... I have seen lots of changes in my vocal code...comparisonaly thers a voice clearence ....before if I used to speak so people's could not understand, but now people can easily understand my voice.
Saturday, April 23 2022 - 05:17 AM
Nitish Khade
I am from Nagpur, Maharashtra. I was facing high pitch voice problem from last 13 years. I took treatment from Sanjay sir and my voice is completely changed in just 8 days. Now I feel very confident while speaking.

To all those who are facing similar problems, I would recommend to visit this clinic without any second thought.
Friday, April 22 2022 - 05:12 AM
Varun Bansal
I had high pitch voice issue and have recieved 8 days of voice therapy here, and my issue of high pitch voice is now resolved. l'm very satisfied with the results that l have recieved here.

I would recommend to take therapy/consultation here if you are facing such voice issue.
Friday, April 22 2022 - 12:55 AM


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